Company Overview
This is a design company that uses as many green and repurposing methods as possible to create one of a kind pieces. In summary, we are idiosyncratic artists making quirky, artistic, one of a kind furniture and products for smart clients! The list of repurposed products tends to grow as we do.

1.To be an influence for creating, designing and repurposing for a greener environment. 2.Develop a more artistic and whimsical approach to furniture and possessions. 3.Be an influence for greener thinking in the artistic community through fostering reuse and repurposing of salvaged and found items that surround us daily.

General Information
Designers, Paul Wilson and Chelle Swanson-Wilson are individually creative artists who have come together with a common goal. Chelle has been an artist, singer and songwriter from a young age. Paul developed his interest much later. When the two met a synergy developed that continues to grow. There are pieces Paul does, pieces Chelle does and pieces they do together.
Feel free to contact us at any time if you’d like more information, direction, help with a project or if you would like a custom piece done to order.